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Small Heat Bag (46cm x 14cm)



Each cosy lab heat bag consists of a cotton bag filled with lupin seed, that can be heated and then applied to shoulders, arms or legs, to provide relief from aches, pains or muscle tension. 

Lupin seed has has been carefully selected as a substitute to wheat because lupin is odourless, lighter and retains heat longer after heating. 

Our small heat bags are very special.  They are all made using exquisite natural fibers. The inner 100% cotton bag encases organic NZ grown lupin seeds. The heat bag has a removable, washable cover. On one side is a soft luxurious modal cotton to rest on your skin, and on the other side a fine European linen in the colour of your choice. 

Each bag weighs approximately 1kg.

Our heat bags come in two variants:  Small rectangular 46cm x 14cm (this variant) and Large rectangular. We also sell special 'shrug' heat bags.

Please read the Product Care and FAQs page for Heating, Safety and Washing instructions.