I work in manufacturing, and come home with aches and pains at the end of a long day. I look forward to my cosy heat bag every night when I get home!
Catherine, Auckland NZ

My shrug heat bag is amazing...it is so soothing to my neck and my shoulders. It feels like I'm being given a lovely warm cuddle! I love how it stays in place when I walk around.
Nerylie, Auckland NZ

My busy job at the hospital means I get upper back and shoulder pain, particularly after night shifts. I'd seen a masseuse who recommended I get a heat pack that wrapped around my shoulders, neck, and upper back - but I couldn't find anything decent. I stumbled across Cosy Lab on the Chooice Facebook page and it was everything I needed - NZ made, good quality, classy look, warmed the areas I needed, and lupin so no pesky dampness. This product is literally amazing, and I have since gone on to buy a wearable one for my sister who suffers from lower back pain - she wears it every single day and it has been a life changer for her. Your products come with my highest recommendation.


It's the best heat pack I have ever had. I love how it covers my upper back and my shoulders as well as my neck. It's also lighter than my old wheat bag which is great since it is bigger. The only problem is I might need to purchase a second one soon as I have an elderly cat that has also taken a shine to it!

I've loved my cosy lab shrug heat bag for releasing tension and tightness in my neck, especially after a day at the desk or a long tramp. I've been keeping quiet, but my partner has just discovered how wonderful it is so now I have to share!