Shrug Heat Bag - Charcoal (Lupin Seed)
Shrug Heat Bag - Charcoal (Lupin Seed)
Shrug Heat Bag - Charcoal (Lupin Seed)
Shrug Heat Bag - Charcoal (Lupin Seed)
Shrug Heat Bag - Charcoal (Lupin Seed)

Shrug Heat Bag - Charcoal (Lupin Seed)

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The cosy lab shrug heat bag combines style with comfort.

Filled with NZ grown organic lupin seed, and using stunning natural linen fibers, the shrug can be safely heated and then applied to the neck and shoulders.

Discover the joy of being wrapped with a slow gentle warmth.

The beauty of the shrug heat bag is that it is designed to sit on your shoulders without moving around. This allows you to actively work at your desk or even chop vegetables in the kitchen, while still receiving all the benefits of a heat bag.

We use lupin seed instead of wheat grains because they are odourless when heated, lighter and retain heat for longer.

Each shrug has linen on one side and very soft 100% cotton drill on the opposite side. Each bag weighs approximately 1.3 kg.

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Please read the Product Care and FAQs page for Heating, Safety and Washing instructions. Care instructions: (click link)

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What are heat bags?

The cosy lab heat bags are designed to help you relax at the end of the day!
Each heat bag is filled with New Zealand-grown lupin seeds, a type of legume.
Heat bags can either be put into the microwave and heated, or cooled in the freezer. Once heated, the user can apply heat bags to tired muscles which gently soothes and relaxes.

Why do we use lupin seeds in our heat bags? 

Lupin seeds retain their heat for longer than wheat, are odourless and don't sweat when heated in a microwave. They are also allergy-friendly for Coeliacs (coeliacs have an immunological response to gluten), or anyone who is Gluten-sensitive.

However, because lupin seeds are from the legume family, people with nut allergies should avoid use. If you are an allergy sufferer and in doubt please contact your physician before buying our heat bags.

How to use

Heat in the microwave

Simply pop your heat bag in the microwave for 2 minutes on high. Make sure the pack is as spread out and flat as possible to get even heat distributed through it. It’s really important to make sure your turntable inside the microwave actually turns. If it doesn’t, do not use, as this will cause uneven heating and may product hot spots that can burn.

WARNING: Please be warned that heat bags are a fire and burn hazard and must be treated with care. Heat bags should not be overheated, nor should they be placed into the bed because there is a risk that they could catch fire. For safety reasons, heat bags should not be heated in the oven.

Please carefully follow these instructions.

Test after 1 minute

Put your heat bag in the microwave. After 1 minute test your heat bag to see if it’s warm enough. If after a 30 seconds wait you think it needs a bit longer put it back in the microwave for another 30 seconds. See heating times below.

 Heatbag Microwave 700 Watts Microwave 850-1000 Watts
Small heat bag 2 minutes 1 minute
Large heat bag 3 minutes 2 minutes
Shrug (shoulder) heat bag 3 minutes 2 minutes


NB. We don’t recommend using an oven as it’s not as safe as a microwave. If you accidentally leave it in the oven unattended there’s a chance it could smolder or catch on fire.

Try a cold pack in the freezer

You can also use your heat bags as a cold pack. Simply store it in the freezer and then apply to bruises, or strains. If your health condition is serious please seek professional medical advice.

Safety Points

Please be careful and follow these safety warnings::

  • Don’t over heat your heat bag. It’s not designed to be extremely hot so please don’t put it in the microwave for any longer than 2-3 minutes.
  • Always check the temperature before using the heat pack directly on your skin.
  • Do not use your bag if you notice a burnt smell. If you notice this happening it is definitely time to replace your heat bag.
  • We recommend replacing your heat bag after every two years of use.
  • Make sure you store your heat bag in a dry place
  • Never heat your bags in the oven.


Our small and large rectangular heat bags come with a removable cover which can be gently hand washed in cool water, and laid flat to dry.  Do not use a dryer.

Do not wash the inner bag which is filled with lupin seed.

The heated shrug can be spot cleaned only.


We've made all of our products with sustainability in mind. Our products are made with natural - not synthetic materials, our heat bags include ethically grown lupin seeds and we have tried to use sustainable, minimal packaging materials. We lovingly hand craft our finished goods in New Zealand.